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The Baggsmen – ‘Bubblegum’

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These guys produce the freshest beats in the country, and though their second album Eleven Stages did well on radio, in the stores, and earned them two Big Day Out tours, the did not make it big enough. Maybe their luck will change with this new album. The Baggsmen are producer/bassist Tony Buchen (who has done work with Macromantics, Kid Confucius and Earl Gray), drummer Lok Brahe and new addition to the lineup Welshman Brad Munn. In this record they again collaborated with friends Jake Stone of Bluejuice, who featured on this track, Janny Cassanova of Rastawookie and Earl Gray of, well Earl Gray. This is the only song that I have heard from the album, so looking forward to hearing more

I don’t mean to detract from Baggsmen’s musical merits, but for those of you who remember, Jake Stone was once arrested mid-show on stage for wearing a police uniform. He was cleared of all charges, but the accompanying youtube is priceless:

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