Big Scary – 'Hamilton'

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Big Scary – ‘Hamilton’ (mp3)

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It’s taken a while for Big Scary to figure out their sound, but I think they’ve nailed this one. ‘Hamilton’ is the release for the month of Spring, and it’s probably the best out of the three to date (see here and here). You’ve got these dissonant bits that loiter around in the verse before the chorus explodes out to this majestic cacophony of cascading melodies and striding drums. For lack of a better word, it’s ‘epic’ in the vein of tracks off Arcade Fire’s first record. Some incredibly lofty sounds here for just a gang of two. I haven’t stopped babbling on about this band to everyone and it’s unlikely that I’ll be doing so in the months ahead.

They’ll be playing Big Sound, One Movement Festival, Falls Fest and joining Hungary Kids of Hungary’s Escapades tour over the next few months, so make sure you catch them around at some point.



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