Melbourne Music Week

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Brilliant. Yeah. That’ll be the word used all over the interwebs when describing Melbourne Music Week. The program is out friends and let me just say it – Melbourne is the music capital of Australia. MMW is as diverse as it is crowd pleasing. Heaps of music stuff linked up with the most creative artists, film makers and industry specialists. Performances, exhibitions, workshops and special talks, walks and even a breakfast program. Too cool Melbourne. Let’s talk specifics:


A hidden warehouse forming the heart of the festival. Well not so much hidden… you can’t hide a warehouse can you? But the location is secret. All will be revealed on Friday 16 November. Internationals will mix with locals with themed nights of very interesting music. Straight Arrows, Bitch Prefect, Oliver Tank, Lost Animal, Courtney Barnett, Terrible Truths and No Zu have all got slots. Brilliant.


Chapter Music are celebrating their 20th Birthday with an indie music spectacle sure to make even the most hardened mess + noise critic weep with joy. Crayon Fields, Twerps, Pikelet, Laura Jean, Primitive Calculators, Bum Creek, Standish/Carlyon, Jonny Telafone, New Estate and more. Not that you’ll need it. Tickets are still available here – loco. Cutters Records and Two Bright Lakes are doing a sweet night and so is Siberia Records. All worth a look.


Ok, here is where Melbourne just shows off. It’s like when European cities open the doors to old museums and stuff for one night except this features more than 40 Melbourne musicians/dj’s most of who have been plugged on here before so you can be sure it’ll be a massive night of awesome. They are playing at ten of Melbourne’s most famed least shit venues all in one day/night and it’s free. Boom.

Of course there are heaps of other things happening as I mentioned in that pumping lead paragraph so check the festival guide. One last thing though –


Yeah I’ve got a sweet spot for ‘This Thing’ cause they are… Brilliant! They are doing a free event (did I mention how much of this festival is free – it’s crazy y’all) at Signal, Northbank Flinders Walk which is one of those places that you go by and think, damn it’s sweet to live in Melbourne. It’ll be ‘all ages’ and will definitely blow the minds of every unsuspecting tourist passing by. Be there.

We’ll update you with more details of good stuff closer to the date on our Facebook but keep an eye on the festival site:

Melbourne Music Week

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