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WATCH: Day Ravies – This Side of the Fence

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Day Ravies

As a solemn patron of Sydney’s best bands, I was noticeably more bright and cheerful in the following days of the release of Day Ravies’ latest single, ‘This Side of the Fence’. The dreamy shoegaze foursome had been out for while due to some injury, while side-projects such as Shrapnel and Disgusting People were getting a little bit more love time.

But Day Ravies have bounced back from the sideline, and have adopted, maybe even ‘modernised’ their lax sound. The new single features bouncy synth lines strutting next to wobbly guitar belches. Tie all those sounds together with some pixie-like vocals ala. Bilinda Butcher, and the result is goodness to your ears.

They’ve also just put out a great new video, which is a bit like Lewis Carol and an episode of Art Attack on smack. The video is as fun and bright as ‘This Side of the Fence’ itself.

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SEQUENCE: Lower Spectrum

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Photos by James Whineray


When sound artists aren’t soundtracking the future / pulling knobs they’re busy doing other normcore shit like walking their dogs and putting dried fruit into plastic bags at Kalula’sLower Spectrum (Ned Beckley) went for a walk with photographer James Whineray around Fremantle the other week. Special appearances from Comida Do Sol, Benny, James, Lucy, Pesto the dog and Booyeembara Park.

Lower Spectrum is Triple J Unearthed’s Feature Artist all this week. Listen to more of Ned’s spectral work here, or order the latest EP, ‘Traces’ on vinyl or CD over at his Bandcamp profile.

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(View full photo set below.)


WATCH: HEAVY – ‘Coming Out’

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Self-described as “Weed and Vaseline Gangstas”, Auckland’s HEAVY follow up their excellent EP ‘Tasty‘ with a video for ‘Coming Out’.

HEAVY are a hip hop duo whose music is defined by droning basses, mangled vocal samples and some damned tasty rapping. It’s hazy and smooth, while lyrically being anything but shy. With almost all their material clocking in at under 2 minutes a piece, there’s something very punchy about their ‘get up on a pedestal fo’ these fools’ attitude.

The video is a disorienting endeavour filled with outfit changes, jewelled lips and slow-mo snack foods. It’s equal parts glamorous and grubby, with an unsettlingly slight divide between the visuals and the duo’s warped vocals.

Watch the video above and download ‘Tasty’ right here.

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MAP October 2014

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Our submission for MAP this month features minor spandex indulgence from The Twoks. Don’t forget to check out our Soundcloud for our monthly MAPcast podcasts.

Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 21-track compilation through Dropbox here.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie

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Hard rock guitars, solid bass and drums plus strong female vocals are the formula behind Ubika. Fahrenheit is the first single from their latest album, Amigos Del Bosque, and it’s inspired by Ray Bradbury’s novel. The song has a video directed by Diego Stickar, which you can watch here.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
The TwoksFirst Light

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The Twoks are a Melbourne two-piece comprising Xani Kolac on violin and vocals, and Mark Leahy on drums. Initially the solo instrumental project of Kolac, who studied jazz and improvisation at Victorian College of the Arts, the duo is now renowned on the local live circuit for their unpredictable sets which feature Kolac on loop station and a smorgasbord of effects. On The Twoks’ latest release, First Light EP – which boasts crisp production from Tony Buchen (The Preatures) – Kolac’s improvisations have been whittled down to concise retro-pop tunes in the vein of Pat Benatar or Kate Bush.

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado

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Breu is one of the strongest songs from Baleia’s debut album, released last year. They first caught the attention of the indie press in Brazil with a jazzy cover of Justin Timberlake but in their album they show a handful of influences, resulting in experimental indie-rock that dabbles in baroque pop and folk.

Hear the full compilation below.


LISTEN: Pleasure Symbols – ‘Ultraviolence’

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Pleasure Symbols

‘Ultra Violence’, the first thing we’ve heard from Brisbane duo Pleasure Symbols is one of those tracks that immediately creates a video montage in your head. When I listen to this I see myself better looking, better dressed and more badass, smoking cigs and stalking the streets like a goddamn killer. This song makes me want to be a worse person, in the best way possible.

‘Ultra Violence’ is all cold bass, synth and drum machine. Vocals are monotone and dark, crushed under the malevolent buzz, only lightened slightly when the mildly hysterical treble-y synth comes in at the end, still spiralling you into the abyss. Definitely wanna hear more of this (well, what they’re calling) ‘coldwave’ business.

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WATCH: Contrast – ‘Drum Machine’

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We really dig Contrast. It’s not hard to tell: we really dig them. They put out an EP a little while back that got us all in a buzz and now they’ve followed up by releasing a dreamy clip that suits their music perfectly.

‘Drum Machine’ was one of the five tracks on Contrast’s Less Than Zero EP, and it’s also one of the best. Sound wise, it sits at a cross point between Real Estate, Major Leagues, Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing – what a sweet spot! The clip is simple but nice; VHS fuzz, retro aesthetic and simple execution. This is the perfect clip for the song at hand because it never threatens to overshadow the music – the way a clip should be.

YouTube Preview Image

You can pick up a copy of Contrast’s EP Less Than Zero here.

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Pronto Press Photo

Hold your bloody horses, garage fans. Forget about that sick new band you saw on the weekend, cos I’ve found your new favourite act: Pronto. Of course these guys are out of Melbourne, and obviously they’ve been living on a steady diet of Eddy Current Suppression Ring. They’re fast, furious and insanely addictive.

Pronto, like many of Australia’s best garage punk bands, have helped an old genre grow up a little bit. They take early 70′s proto-punk, like The Troggs, and brutalise it into something that Hozac Records would eat slugs to put out. On their debut album, When You’re Gone, Pronto speed through their 11 tracks with frightening ferocity. They do bands like Dead Farmers, Royal Headache and Straight Arrows proud.

Between the gale force guitar solos, the crunchy, hollow vocals and stampeding drums, there are a few particular standouts. If you’re any sort of fan of loud, fun guitar music, you’ll love songs like ‘Soldier’, ‘Red Flag’ and ‘Cry’. These tracks will blow down your house like it’s a greedy wolf and you are soon-to-be bacon. Best played loud.

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