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Bertie Blackman: 'Heart'



Bertie Blackman – ‘Heart’

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Bertie Blackman returns with a new record and new sound. First taste we get of her new material is the upbeat Heart, and it’s great to hear her accompanied by a more modern production than what she previously had on her past releases. I’ve always thought she had a great voice with some endearing singing styles like a minor shake in some phrasings, although in the bridge of the song she goes into a talking-singing kind of mode which I’m still trying to get used to. Her new album ‘Secrets and Lies’ was produced by Francois Tetaz (Gotye, Architecture in Helsinki, Lior) and Lee Groves (Goldfrapp, Gwen Stefani, Depeche Mode).

The Cairos



The Cairos – ‘Whales’

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The Cairos have been getting some buzz around Brisbane for over a year and so have  wisely figured now is a good time to release their debut EP. It certainly capitalises on said buzz by building on their poppier take on post-punk tropes with Aria Award-winning producer Magoo and representing their strongest collection of songs at the peak of their profile in the local scene. ‘Whales,’ with its chorussed bassline directing the song,  has unsurprisingly been courting the most radio attention t. Containing the same washes of guitar delay and reverb that typically colour their songs,  a pounding rhythm section  and urgent vocals, the song has an intensity and sonic depth that a lot of  the superficial style-hacks lack. Importantly, dummer ‘BC’ really knows when to ride those hats. Mmmm.

Sarah Blasko – All I Want


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Third albums are often the most interesting albums in a band’s catalogue. Lacking the excitement of  a debut and the scrutiny of a sophomore effort, third albums tend to see a musician either revert to their original winning formula, throw caution to the wind or showcase their artistic growth.

‘All I Want’ is the new single from Sarah Blasko’s upcoming third album As Day Follows Night and while it won’t win her any new fans, at least it’ll keep the old ones happy. Bjorn Yttling’s (Peter, Bjorn & John) production leaves the song clear and polished without sterilising the music and the theremin is a nice touch.

Let’s hope Blasko’s newie revisits the quiet intensity of her previous releases without the crashingly boring bits.

Underlapper remixed

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Underlapper – Renfield (Faux Pas remix)

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In 2007, Sydney’s Underlapper released their second album, ‘Red Spring’. Having evolved into a six-piece post-rock ensemble, Red Spring’s (mostly) instrumentals were expansive, glitchy, often beautiful, and the perfect source material for a remix album.

Fast-forward to now (whoosh!), and Underlapper have delivered on this latent promise with ‘Red Spring Remixes’, featuring this standout cut courtesy of Melbourne producer Faux Pas – true to the original’s gentle pacing, while adding a beat that you could (conceivably) dance to.

Like it? Download it for free at Faux Pas’ homepage.