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Dappled Cities Q&A

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I recently had a chat with Tim Derricourt of Dappled Cities. We talked ‘Zounds’, Chihuahuas, Beyonce and entertaining small children…


Well Tim – it’s no doubt that you guys have had a stellar year, with the release of your third album ‘Zounds’, two AIR nominations and an ARIA nomination for Best Independent Release – how are you feeling?

Pretty ecstatic!

Overwhelmed at all?

I guess so! But I suppose it’s not the be all and end all, even though everything is all up so close together. It’s just a patch of life where you go to an awards ceremony and dress up – and you might not win anything, so you can either get collectively disappointed or collectively excited at the one moment in time.

There’s a real maturity about this album. What was it like working with Chris Coady?

Well it wasn’t exactly easy! We wanted to make an album that was very different in each part – different drum sounds, different guitar sounds, nothing really the sounding the same. What you get when you do something like that is a pretty chaotic recording process.

You can really hear that coming through on the album, seperately – each song’s so different but ties so well together in a narrative sort of way.

Yeah, we wanted it to feel like a kind of cinematic story with every album we release, where you can follow a journey from the start to the end. I think we did a pretty accurate job with this one – it starts in a sort of underground, cavernous lair and ends up on the western plains at sunset.

What comes first in the song writing process – the lyrics or the music?

Usually sexual drive. Followed by days of mourning. Then a song usually pops out of your brain.





Kyu – ‘Sunny in Splodges’

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Kyu are a female duo from Sydney who are creating some pretty mind blowing sounds. “Sunny in Splodges” has a bit of everything – the whole song is just a constantly evolving layerfest of instrumentation that weaves in and out unexpectedly, but always purposefully.

The freeform vocal parts and the drum crescendo is reminiscent of Bjork’s tribal tendencies, but overall this has a much smokier, jazzier quality to it than Iceland’s favourite daughter. Outside the box, but accesible. Word is they kill it live as well.

Zeal – ‘Wasps’

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Zeal – ‘Wasps’ (mp3)

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According to the press release, Zeal makes both indietronica music and also animated videos of cats in space in his bedroom. I want to see that bedroom.

‘Wasps’ is his latest single and it’s a lot like the rad stuff flowing out of the Anticon stable. Like Anticon flagship acts WHY? and Themselves, Zeal starts with a hip hop frame work and injects it with experimental pop and uncoventional beats. There’s also the enthralling, idiosyncratic lyrics (“wasps sent for our enemies / to save us from the commies and their left-handed past”), layered vocals, and nasal delivery.

I really don’t mean to chalk this up as a merely derivative work. For one, LA-based label Anticon is one of my favourite labels in the world so I totally welcome anything from those guys, or anything that sounds like it could be from them. Also, this track doesn’t just aggregate their stylistic tropes – it’s catchy and effective, with a playful arrangement and obscure rhymes to match with the Doseone and co. I really like this track – you shall be seeing more from this guy on


Days Like This! Festival

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Lost Valentinos – ‘Nightmoves’ (mp3)

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Harmonic 313 – ‘Battlestar’ (Remix) (mp3)

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Sydney music festival Days Like This! have just announced their second line-up – and thanks to the kind peeps behind that festival we have a double pass up for grabs! Celebrations!

Australian talent on the second line-up includes Lost Valentinos and Space Invaders, as well as a veritable shitload of Sydney DJs like Ro Sham Bo, Basslines Crew, and Mo Funk. International acts announced include Method Man and Redman, Theo Parish, Flevans, and Neon Indian.


BFF Bikes Rock

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Sydney people: This is tonight yo!!

BFF: Bikes Rock

The Sydney Bicycle Film Festival is having an opening party! Bikes Rock is on Wednesday November 11 at the Factory Theatre and features the following rad artists:

Jonathan Boulet
Deep Sea Arcade
Lions At Your Door

Tickets onsale now through Factory Theatre ( and Moshtix (

Deep Sea Arcade – ‘Lonely In Your Arms’

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deep sea

Deep Sea Arcade – ‘Lonely In Your Arms’ (mp3)

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Deep Sea Arcade made quite a splash with their last single ‘Don’t Be Sorry,’ a retro-pop outing that sounded a lot like The Zombies mixed with more recent Blue Mountain troupe Belles Will Ring. ‘Lonely In Your Arms’ is a return to the ’60s aesthetic they evidently love, but is less dreamy and washed out – the guitars are set to treble-y surf-rock over the shimmering chime that characterised other material. The bare, melodic, and almost naive chorus is most reminiscent of early Beatles (sans glorious backing harmonies). It’s definitely one to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

These guys aren’t bringing anything new to the pop canon, but they are exploring a specific and fruitful part of it and doing a pretty great job. To my ears, this track betters their previous stuff and so should generate more well-earned attention.