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DZ Q & A

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Intense touring, consecutive shows from state to state and a burgeoning hangover. At this stage, having a momentary afternoon nap interrupted by a pesky reviewer prodding you with questions is enough to test your patience. Apologies Shane from DZ.  I promise I’ll buy the record. Didn’t quite make it to the merch table  though, when I began having Peter Garrett convulsions trying to film** the whole thrash/strobe light hullaballoo (see above). Think Bronx meets mobile disco, and you’re only halfway. Go here to check out a list of DZ  tour dates.

Who’s the best band you’ve played with?

Definitely Crystal Castles. We did a tour with them earlier in the year, it was out of the blue and we had a week to organise a national tour. They’re awesome – the way they approach their writing, also really funny guys. And when they came back for Sydney Parklife, we got to hang out with them again – the drummer came to a house party with us. They’re a pretty big band so it was good to see them just hang out.

Any rituals to amp yourself up before a show?

Usually just a few beers. But right now we’re having a nap at the venue, because we’re absolutely screwed from our tour. And drinking with the guys from Yacht Club DJ’s….

You’re about to tour with Howl soon…

Yeah, we were playing an EP launch in September and they rocked up to see us. We’re like  ‘What? You’re in high school?” It’s weird how sometimes you get matched up with bands, we met their manager Johann at a Presets after party a while ago, it’s a small world.

Favourite local bands at the moment?

We’ve become really good friends with Howl, and Yacht Club as well. And we’ve been mates with Ouch My Face for ages, so they’re a really great help when we come to Melbourne. We kick around with Comic Sans a fair bit too. And the other guy in our band is in another band called Running Guns who’ve just finished their album. I’ve been waiting to get a copy but the first song I’ve heard off it is freaking rad.

Looks like you had fun punching the shit out of Simon in the video for Blue Blood.

Yeah we had all these big ideas but we ended up just cutting it down to what we could do. We have a mate whos a film editor and we watched this show where there was a carpark fight where the guys rip each others hearts out. So we thought hey, let’s just do that and beat up on each other. 


Cabins – ‘Hounds’

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Cabins – ‘Hounds’ (mp3)

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I first heard Cabins when I was helping put together the line-up of showcasing artists at this year’s BigSound Summit. I pretty much loved their demo for the track ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and was sincerely concerned that some studio sheen might cut the bollocks off their sound. Thankfully, it hasn’t.

‘Hounds’ is less of a stoned groove – not just because the cleaner production reduces the general haziness but because the song is more upbeat and direct and the vocals are less drawling. As I said, this isn’t necessarily a good thing since those were the very things I loved about them initially, but some added crispness hasn’ entirely compromised the darker, atmospheric side of Cabins’ music.

This is a track that’s true to their sound – retaining the noodling, reverbed guitars and rhythmic power – whilst also increasing their chances of radio airplay ten-fold, so kudos are in order. Hopefully they get some well-deserved coverage. Looking forward to hearing more stuff from them.

Matt Amery


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It’s soo hot. I don’t know if i’ll have the energy to make it through this post without a nap.. But we’ll see… Introducing… *drum roll….. Mr. Matt Amery!

Fledgling troubadour from Sydney writing some great folk inspired tunes. Vocal delivery is reminiscent of a young Paul Kelly, with some sweet harmonies and a knack for coining some great lyrics.

This first single ‘The Boat’ is a track which appears on the upcoming Macquarie University compilation – ‘Universe/City’ (also features Boy&Bear, Bird Automatic, Endusk, Made in Japan) being released in Feb. This version of the song features a fairly stripped back arrangement, but includes a bonus Mandolin solo! For no extra charge!…

Keep an eye out for Matt Amery, and the Mac compilation.
Swim time. Peace.

Mark Moldre – ‘Hushabye Mountain’



Mark Moldre – ‘Hushabye Mountain’ (mp3)

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It’s been a long time since I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In fact, it’s a joke amongst my family because I actually had nightmares about it when I was a young’un. Suffice it to say, I can’t recall how the original ‘Hushabye Mountain’ goes, but I’m guessing Mark Moldre’s version is quite different.

That’s right, this is a cover of a song from the aforementioned film, and it is far more Tom Waits than Disney. It’s has a slightly creepy feel about it. In spite of Disney’s intent, Moldre’s bare, carnivalesque atmosphere make’s the titular mountain feel like somewhere I don’t want to visit.

This is weird but also really cool. Especially the whistles at the end.

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists

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Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – ‘Turn Turn’ (mp3)

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Kim Salmon is no n00b on the the Australian music scene, having started The Scientists in the late ’70s and also this band, The Surrealists, 22 years ago. Despite his age, ‘Turn Turn’ maintains a sense of chaos generally associated with a much younger set. It’s is a minimalist outing driven mainly by rattling percussion and a repetitive bass groove, with some distorted guitar thrown in to add colour. Basically, it leaves plenty of room for the vocals to dominate, with Salmon screaming into each of your ears like a man possessed (or, occasionally, like a frightened woman). It’s short and not exactly sweet, but the wild yet nuanced vocals invite and reward repeated listens.