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Absolute Boys – ‘Minimal Wage’

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Absolute Boys – ‘Minimal Wage’

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‘Minimal Wage’ is the A-side of an upcoming 12″ by Melbourne’s Absolute Boys. I’ve been waiting for them to send this track through for a while now and the finished, mastered version didn’t disappoint.

It has an almost ritualistic quality to it – like a group of dudes rocking back and forth around a fire in an empty shopping centre carpark at night. The track will have you rocking back and forth too thanks to its uncompromisingly repetitive-cum-hypnotic guitar stabs and sparse percussion, which is reminiscent of My Disco. Rubbing against that are softer, floating vocal harmonies in the vein of The Beach Boys/Animal Collective set, but with a suitably ‘chant-y’ sound to them.

I’ve not heard the B-side but look forward to checking it out. These guys are worth getting excited about.

Win Club NME Australia Double Passes!

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Update: Club NME Australia launches this weekend! Thanks to the rad dudes over at Boundary Sounds we’ve got a double pass THREE double passes to Sydney and Melbourne to give away.

Due to an underwhelming response for our Twitter promo (not ready for Twitter giveaways yet?), we’re going to do this the old fashioned way. Email and tell us which member of The Smith is DJing at Club NME before 5pm today for you chance to win.

Passes still up for grabs and pretty easy to win so go nut.

The Gifthorse becomes Fires of Waco and Headaches

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The Gifthorse – ‘Awake and Waiting’ (mp3)

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The Gifties are one of my favourite Brisbane bands, so of course they’re breaking up on Saturday. I’m a bit bummed to tell you the truth – their final single ‘Awake and Waiting’ gave hints of a band keen to look in new directions, but perhaps they feel they’ve done their dash. The good news is that they’ve rounded up a bunch of mates and split into two new bands.  It’s cheap and easy to draw comparisons between the new outfits and the old,  so let’s just move on and hear the new stuff.


Headaches – ‘Boy Division’ (mp3)

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Vocalist Shane Collins and guitarist Chris Anning make up the Gifthorse contingent of Headaches, a band on the Bad Religion/Rancid end of the punk spectrum. The songs are short, the pace is unrelenting and there is no screaming. There’s a bit of whinging from Collins though – the lyrics to “Boy Division” aren’t particularly inspired.  Their shows will be fun, at any rate, with their first one with Break Even on the Gold Coast.

Fires of Waco
If you like Polar Bear Club and Hot Water Music; well son, Fires of Waco is the band for you! Gifties drummer Luke Gal and guitarist/vocalist Stevie Scott are in this band, with Allan Reid on lead vocals. Reid’s voice sounds best when supported by Scott’s rough shouts – without those, it sounds a bit thin and flat. Sorry for the lack of audio aid here – the band assures me their song ‘Risk and Reason’ is downloadable from their MySpace, but I think Rupert and his new music player have other ideas. Check it out though.

Snake Face – ‘Ignorant Youth’


Snake Face – ‘Ignorant Youth’ (mp3)

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So Imma level with you – I don’t think this is very good. But then I don’t really like hardcore music so this kind of just sounds like any overdriven guitar music that sounds like getting fucked in the ear with a cheese grater.

But we all love a side-project, and this one features members of Parades (yes, including Jonathan “SK8R BOI” Boulet). Plus it was recorded in a house over two days on borrowed equip so mad props for DIY yo.

Above is the title track from their debut album Ignorant Youth. If you like hardcore music (I’m looking at you, Sophie) then let me know what you think. I really can’t judge, but here it is for your aural pleasure/torment.