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Gentleforce – ‘Oh The Mystery, Oh The Wonder’

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Gentleforce – ‘Oh The Mystery, Oh The Wonder’ (mp3)

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I’ve been digging this album so much lately that I’d actually forgotten that I’d not posted about it yet.Gentleforce’s Sacred Space is the latest edition in Feral Media’s excellent POWWOW series. It’s also one of my favourite albums of the year, pulling together all sorts of ambient-leaning electronics into a dense, glacial listening experience.

I struggled with which track would work best when removed from context and placed on a blog at 128kbps. I went with ‘Oh The Mystery, Oh The Wonder,’ partially because – at 6.22 – it’s one of the shorter songs. I suggest you hunt down the album and hear it in its full glory if you the above.

Splendour In The Grass 2010 line-up


Don’t say we’re not fast on our news uptake.

Was pondering whether this was worth posting after 10am given that this probably isn’t news to anyone by now, but I decided it would remiss not to.

In case you just woke up, or your whole Internet is broken and the only site you can access is, below is the line-up of unknown, up-and-coming acts for a new boutique festival called Splendour In The Grass.

Splendour happens Fri 30th of July – Sun 1st of Aug at Woodford, just outside Brisbane. Tickets go on sale 9am Thurs 6th of May, but you probs just buy them at the gate anyway.

Acts after the jump.


Washington – 'Rich Kids'

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Washington – ‘Rich Kids’ (mp3)

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Washington has sure gone a long way from Clementine. Now this blog’s favourite, her voice can easily carry any jazz tune but her pop songwriting and feisty personality is what separates this girl from the rest of the singer-songwriting pack. Rich Kids is yet another winner from her repertoire.

Tame Impala – 'Runway, Houses, City, Clouds'


Tame Impala – ‘Runway, Houses, City, Clouds’ (mp3)

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Tame Impala – ’41 Mosquitos (Canyons 41 Mojitos Poolside Mix)’ (mp3)
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I am personally excited about Tame Impala’s upcoming debut album titled Innerspeaker. These boys from Perth have done amazingly well in setting themselves up for a decent debut. Their liveshows are exciting to watch and for this kind of music is more energetic than what I was expecting initially. I met them on the BDO tour in January and are quite nice lads, which is always a plus.

Innerspeaker, is out May 21 in Australia and June 8th internationally.

The Optimen – ’80s Babies’ video

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The Optimen – 80s Babies from TheOptimen on Vimeo.

Very cool video game-inspired video. I’m always surprised The Optimen don’t get more kudos – they’re one of the better groups in the cesspit of strine that is Aussie hip-hop.

Fires of Waco + Headaches @ Browning Street Studios

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The venue

awk·ward, adjective

1 obsolete : perverse
2 archaic : unfavorable, adverse
3 a : lacking dexterity or skill,  b: showing the result of a lack of expertness
4 a : lacking ease or grace  b : lacking the right proportions, size, or harmony of parts
5 a : lacking social grace and assurance  b : causing embarrassment
6 : not easy to handle or deal with : requiring great skill, ingenuity, or care

Riding in a full elevator is awkward. Finding out your boyfriend’s mum is about to become your step-mum is awkward. But somehow, spending a hot afternoon crammed into a small room with forty other people and watching melodic punk bands play wasn’t awkward at all.