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WIN double passes to Party Catchers Syd & Melb events!

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Thanks to Telstra and MySpace, PartyCatchers will be is holding simultaneous parties in Sydney and Melbourne, jam-packed with Aussie bands, DJ’s and loads of extra digs. We have some free passes for y’all!

To get a hold of these limited tickets normally, you’ll need to log and download the Party Catchers app and hit the streets of your city on Saturday to track down the ticketholders via GPS.

We know that you’d rather be in bed resonating in the aftermath of Friday night instead of going on a Saturday morning jog, so we’ve got  3 Melbourne double passes and 3 Sydney double passes up for grabs!

All you need to do is follow us on twitter ( and retweet this event on your status by 3pm Friday 30th April (tomorrow!) to go in the running!


The Leafs play Builders Arms Hotel

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the leafs by david payne

Mike and Gus, members of Battlesnake, make up the poptastic sounding Leafs. Short punches of pop that slap you about, kinda like the concords – if they were more rock.
These guys played with the Bon Scotts, who were also very intense and great, at the Builders Arms in Fitzroy. A small dining room gets taken over for the evening, and 100 peeps squeeze in with a minimal stage setup and down lights with red gels gaffered on. Third support slot by Frontiers in Photography rounded off a very nice evening of intimate sets.

The Leafs play about town so check em out here –

The Leafs – ‘Figs’ (mp3)

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Gyroscope vs Warner

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What is going on here? Got this in the email just before the weekend:

An important message from Gyroscope:

It has just come to our attention that Warner Music are releasing a ‘Best of Gyroscope’ album. We only found out about this release after being notified by our fans on Facebook.

The song selection, artwork and everything about this release has been done without consultation with the band.

Gyroscope are a band who have always put our fans first. In our opinion, the release of this album without consultation with the band, and without including any material from our new album ‘Cohesion’, does not represent good value for our fans.

Zok, Daniel, Brad & Rob (Gyroscope)

Purple Sneakers DJs – Promo Mix

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So the DJs behind Australia’s most popular indie club night are put out an official mix, We Mix You Dance, on their own imprint via Inertia on June 11th. Inertia have kindly provided us with a ‘promo mix’ to give you a taste of what WMYD will sound like. Check out the stream below to hear some of the fine selections of indie ‘blog-rock.’ The (mostly international) is after the jump.

Purple Sneakers DJs – ‘We Mix, You Dance’ Promo Mix by inertiamusic


Parades – ‘Loserspeak in New Tongue’

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Parades – ‘Loserspeak in New Tongue’ (mp3)

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Like a lot of peeps, I’ve been a fan of Parades for a while. The singles I’d heard mixed splashes of electronica and interesting rhythms with understated guitars and big vocals. Though those earlier songs like ‘Dead Nationale’ and ‘Past Lives’ were pretty exciting in their own right, that hint of adventure in the arrangements suggested that perhaps their best work would be found on the non-single cuts. Although the first half of their debut Foreign Tapes is strong, the back half totally proved that theory correct and won me over.

I wasn’t sure which song to post given that the last four tracks of the album (from the above through to ‘Vulturehood’) mark the records high point (with ‘Hunters’ and ‘Springboarder’ also up there). In the end, ‘Loserspeak in New Tongue’ is the song I’ve come back to most, drawn in by its refusal to settle for a conventional structure. It’s reminiscent of some of Foals’ album cuts, with yelping vocals riding an odd rhythm that’s kept check by tight drumming, while the rest of the instruments building up to  consecutive climaxes helped largely by the pounding piano.

Possibly my favourite Australian track of the year and a real accomplishment for the young band. Colour me well impressed.

Time For Dreams

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Time For Dreams – ‘ZRH – Flight To Lichtenstein’ (mp3)

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Last November I posted a sweet jam by Clue To Kalo that was part of the compilations CDs that came January’s issue of  The Lifted Brow. I found myself listening to those CDs the other day fell in love with this track by Time For Dreams all over again. Time For Dreams is a new project for Tom Carlyton of awesome Melbourne/Berlin band Devastations.

Time For Dreams shares a slinky, sleazy feeling with Devastations, but the repetitive bass lines, programmed kicks, and female vocals leave it sounding more like a cut from HTRK’s debut covered in a synth gauze.

This track is absolutely stunning. I remember really enjoying it upon first listen, but now I’ve totally fallen for it. The Time For Dreams and Devastations sites are light on details of forthcoming releases, and no doubt HTRK will be quiet following the tragic death of bassist Sean Stewart (RIP). ‘ZRH – Flight To Lichtenstein’ will have to do for now, so luckily it’s damn good.