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Via Tania – ‘Fields’

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Via Tania – ‘Fields’ (mp3)

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‘Fields’ is the new single from Chicago-based Australian Via Tania (aka Tania-May Bowers). Originally a bonus track on the US edition of her 2007 album Moon Sweet Moon (released Stateside only last year), I guess Bowerss realised that it was too good to resign to obscurity in her backcatalogue and decided to put it out as a digital stand-alone back home.

With a simple, repetitive structure and minimal instrumentation, the song relies and thrives on Bowers’ breathy, double-tracked vocals and buoyant melody. One of those songs that’s better to just kind of float along with, picturing the titular fields she is singing about.

Video for the track below:

Via Tania – Fields (Directed by Rhett Wade-Ferrell for MOOP JAW) from Moop Jaw on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes – Frowning Clouds 'Purple Heart' video

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Here is a little sneak peak of Melbourne outfit The Frowning Clouds’ music video for ‘Purple Heart’.

The video was shot at the historic Montsalvat Castle in Eltham, Victoria. Quite a fitting location for this troupe of beatniks, as Montsalvat was also where the Rolling Stones conducted interviews on their Australian tour in 1973. The ornate backdrop of this castle/artists’ colony seems to provide an appropriate stylistic vibe for the jangle tripping R&B sounds of the track.  It will be interesting to see the final product.

(all photos from Tim Pierce)

Ernest Ellis – ‘When I Feel Like Jesus Son The World Will Feel Much Different’

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Ernest Ellis – ‘When I Feel Like Jesus Son The World Will Feel Much Different’ (mp3)

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I love this guy and I’ve made no secret about it over the past couple of years, fawning over every track sent my way like aural porn. That said, I was concerned that Ellis was steadily descending into ‘uncool’ territory – I mean, it’s 2k10 and not even Bon Iver sounds like ‘Bon Iver’ any more. Was Ellis getting a bit derivative? Was he two years too late on the scene? Is his falsetto up to Justin Vernon/Kyp Malone standards?

For the most part, the above questions will probably remain hovering around Ernest Ellis. He had’t done much to silence those who’ve dismissed him as another pastoral, production-heavy indie folkster, continuing to mine that style on each successive single. He did, however, answer those barbs through the sheer quality of his song-writing. In what’s already been a strong year for local releases, ‘Loveless’ still stand out as a highlight. With the above track, Ellis has broadened his range somewhat with a weightless, semi-stoner jam that’s unlikely to see much radio play  but is still pretty damn good. It opens with two minutes of delayed guitars before his multi-tracked falsetto drops in carrying a patient, floating melody that I’m pretty sure this song features his highest note on record so far.

‘When I Feel Like Jesus Son The World Will Feel Much Different’ is from his debut album Hunting, which is out next month.

Next Wave Festival 2010

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The 2010 Next Wave Festival runs until the end of May. A unique celebration of art, music, performance and outrageous hybrid media, 2010’s Next Wave fest explores the role of risk in a risk-averse culture, and delves deeper into ways we can act boldly and imaginatively in both art and life.

During the fest, Thousand £ Bend is home to the Next Wave Festival Club. Now that it’s getting to the business end of the semester, you’d rather be drinking beers and racking free wireless from here, rather than sitting at a food stained library computer watching the mature aged student next to you research Plato and mail order brides. The place has been transformed by the festival designers at People Collective, and there will be musos, djs and outrageous performances going on every night. Next Wave ends in two weeks, so make sure you scope it out!

for full program details and event locations, click here

Next Wave Festival 2010

13th-3oth May


open 10am-midnight during NWF

361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Maniac – new band from front men of Something With Numbers & The Matches

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It’s not often two rock front men form a side project and make it work, but Jake Grigg from Something With Numbers and Shawn Harris from The Matches are giving it a red-hot go. Is this the pop-punk version of Empire of The Sun? Possibly.

Instead of the bog-standard EP with single + video clip, they’ve utilised the power of the internet to make what they’re calling an “extended play video” – basically one continuous and changeable video for the four songs on their debut EP. It’s a little bit hard to explain, but really effective – check it out here. No really, you should do it right now.

Once you’ve recovered from the novelty of the EPV, have a look on the site for a link to the band’s MySpace profile. Couldn’t find it? THAT’S BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ONE. The music is pop-rock that is pleasant enough, but the marketing is a step forward for the music industry. Nice one.

PS – I know The Matches aren’t an Australian band, and I don’t care. It’s relevant.

Dick Diver’s support slot at the Northcote Social Club.

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Dick Diver is a catchy name to be sure. A Melbourne four-piece that plays a relaxed show and it’s rare to hear a bad word about. Alistair McKay and Rupert Edwards on guitars and alternating vocals, Al Montfort on bass and Steph Hughes on drums and backing vocals. Steph’s harmonies actually give the band a similar feel to Smudge, light country alt pop that sticks in your head or at it’s heaviest, the guitars drive closer to Neil Young. These guys have a 7″ titled ‘Arks Up’. Released late last year on Chapter music, as part of a series that pairs a vinyl single and a CD with bonus tracks. I have the Twerps release in this series and Dick Diver, will make a nice addition.

Spin a couple of tracks on their myspace here –

More pictures after the hop (more…)

Teenagersintokyo Remixes

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Teenagersintokyo – ‘Peter Pan’ (The Horrors Remix) (mp3)

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Teenagersintokyo – ‘End It Tonight’ (We Have Band Remix) (mp3)

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The Teenagersintokyo debut album Sacrifices has finally landed a couple of years after their relocating to London. I don’t want to shit on it too much as I’ve not given it all a proper listen, but at the moment I’m of the opinion that it didn’t live up to expectations. It’s far shinier and pop-tastic than I expected, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when combined with singer Samantha Lim’s near flawless voice (again, not a bad thing) it sounds a bit… clean? I don’t know. I guess I was expecting fewer soaring choruses and more bite, but this is definitely the better move commercially and more radio play might justify its slickness.

Anyway, regardless of whether Sacrifices grows on me, it’s spawned some sweet remixes that have been floating around for the past few months. The Horrors rework ‘Peter Pan,’ using a vocoder to strip the melody of its histrionics, and buzz-band We Have Band rework ‘End It Tonight’ into a guitar-less electro jam.