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My Disco – ‘Young’


My Disco – ‘Young’ (mp3)

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Australian blogger types have been getting moist with anticipation ever since it was announced a while back that My Disco would be putting out a new single in Feb ’10. That single has arrived. In digital, mp3 form anyway. And it’s not just a throwaway single, a studio leftover, a single that you’ll absorb in a few minutes and forget about – no. ‘Young’ goes for 11 solid minutes, which would alleviate any potential disappointment based purely on value for money. But it’s also a bonus that each of those pounding 11 minutes is pretty fucking good. It opens with a bang (ie. loud, scrappy, wirey guitar over a driving rhythm section) and continues to chug along to the point of ferocious monotony. This is one of those jams that will probably reach borderline transcendence when played live on stage.

Given the buzz around this band I assume blog readers have probably already heard this track elsewhere since an FTP failure on my part prevented this monster of a song from getting uploaded correctly the other day. But for those who want another taste or need to catch up, here it is.

Jet & Muse cover AC/DC

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Recently I went on the Big Day Out tour and was lucky enough to catch Muse. The dimunitive Matt Bellamy owned the stage, strutting through their entire repertoire. For the encore, they brought out Nic Cester of Jet to cover AC/DC’s Back in Black.

Club NME Australia launches / Yacht Club DJs remix Philly Jays


Philadelphia Grand Jury – ‘The Good News’ (Yacht Club DJ Remix) (mp3)

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In case the large poster above didn’t tip you off just yet, Club NME is coming to Australia this Feb – and is bringing with it Andy Rourke of The Smiths for a DJ set. I have no idea what he is like as a DJ, but he was in The Smiths and you’ll probably be able to touch him at least briefly. “Hey,” I hear you say, “neither Andy Rourke or NME are Australian.” You are correct, have a gold star. Club NME is fortunately taking some cool local acts with it as it travels down the east coast. Joining Mr Rourke will be a live set from the Philadelphia Grand Jury and DJ sets from Yacht Club and Purple Sneakers DJs.

In case you can’t read the above poster for whatever reason, the dates are:

Thurs 25 Feb – The Empire, Bris
Fri 26 Feb – Hi Fi, Melb
Sat 27 Feb – Manning Bar, Syd

Apparently this is to be a regular thing on the gig calendar so keep your eyes out for future Club NME nights.

Seja Vogel – ‘Sing Me The Song Like You Said’

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Seja Vogel – ‘Sing Me The Song Like You Said’

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Uber-label Rice Is Nice  recently signed Brisbane’s Seja Vogel of Sekiden and Regurgitator (c. 2006) to their already-impressive stable of artists (Seekae, Talons, Spod, Richard In Your Mind et al). In keeping with her synth-playing roles in those bands, Seja has produced an album of songs based almost exclusively around her vocals and synth playing that display not only a proficiency at playing the instrument but at also wringing effective sounds out of it.

I’ve seen Seja live and must admit that I’m still getting used the whole ‘play along to an iPod’ style of performance. But hey, it took me a while to warm to the idea of samplers as an instrument so I’ll probably come around. Regardless, the songs were rad, her vocals were near flawless and there was even synchronised dancing (with ex-Rational Academy’s Meredith McHughe).

Looking forward to checking out this album. In ‘Sing Me The Song Like You Said,’  Seja has not only captured a cool tune but totally nailed the production as well (assuming she did the production, which is unconfirmed). Check the eerie vocal breakdown a minute in – can’t go past that old ‘tear it down, build it up’ trick. Sweet stuff.

Laneway Festival 2010 starts today

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So this Laneway shit starts today for those of you in Brisbane. Funtimes! In case you missed the news, Echo & The Bunnyman have canceled their slot at the Brisbane show – but have been replaced by The Dirty Three. Which is actually a trade up IMO so yay to that. Below is the full list of local artists and links to our blog love for most of them.

THE DIRTY THREE (Brisbane, Melbourne)
PHILADELPHIA GRAND JURY (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney)
OH MERCY (Sydney, Melbourne)
LAST DINOSAURS (Brisbane only)
MARK BARRAGE (Melbourne only)
PANEL OF JUDGES (Melbourne only)
TEETH & TONGUE (Melbourne only)
DANIMALS (Sydney only)
SEEKAE (Sydney only)
THE SWISS (Adelaide only)
BOYS BOYS BOYS! (Perth only)
POND (Perth only)
KILL TEEN ANGST (Perth only)
TOMAS FORD (Perth only)
TIM AND JEAN (Perth only)
THE SALVADORS (Adelaide only)
COMIC SANS (Brisbane only)
FERGUS BROWN (Sydney only)
THE FROWNING CLOUDS (Melbourne only)
YOUNG REVELRY (Perth only)
THE WHITE GOODS (Sydney only)

Dates and international artists announcement below:


No Through Road latest single


No Through Road – ‘You Better Run’

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‘Girls Are The Devil’ is the latest single off one of my fav albums of 2009, No Through Road’s Winner. Truth be told, it’s not my personal highlight on the record but I can see where they’re coming from in putting this one out. It’s a pretty smooth number that makes a decent case for radio coverage while retaining bits of their chugging slacker charm. Still a good tune, but it ain’t no ‘Party To Survive.’

I’m actually a big fan of b-side ‘You Better Run,’ a more restrained number that mixes the caution of the title with Matt Banham’s lackadaisical vocals.