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It’s fair to say, and in no way hyperbolic, that Bedroom Suck is well on its way to joining the ranks of classic Australian independent labels like Au Go Go, Waterfront Records or Chapter Music. Although only slightly more than five years old, BSR’s prolificness, and the sheer quality of its releases, make the label stand out at the forefront of the local independent landscape.

Run almost entirely by Joe Alexander (who drums in Terrible Truths, one of the label’s flagship bands), Bedroom Suck has staked its claim through releases sourced from all over this wide continent. From the early days of twisted, experimental Brisbane rock (Per Purpose, Slug Guts, Blank Realm) through to dusty Melbourne jangle pop (Boomgates, Full Ugly, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding) and recent releases from the beloved Totally Mild and Love of Diagrams, Bedroom Suck has got it all. It’s a one-stop shop for the music nerd who thinks they’ve heard everything.

Although most folks would be warranted in taking some time to sit down and enjoy a drink after such an exhaustive 2015, Bedroom Suck show no signs of slowing down. In fact, they’ve just compiled a sampler of in celebration of the year to come. At 11 tracks, there’s the usual swathe of genres and bands – from Grand Salvo’s lulling pop to Terrible Truth’s angular, post-punk – as well as a brand new song from Free Time. Whatever your taste, there’s something to whet the palate; your new favourite band ready to discover.

As if this compilation weren’t news enough, Bedroom Suck will be taking over the North Fitzroy Bowling Club every Sunday for the next three weeks, showcasing bands from the label as well as local favourites. RSVP on Facebook.

Sunday, 24 Jan:

Free Time
Ciggie Witch
Liz Mitchell

Sunday, 31 Jan:

Terrible Truths
Lower Plenty
Hot Topic

Sunday, 7 Feb:
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding
Sweet Whirl


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