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EVENT: Bedroom Suck End 2016

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If there’s anyone who deserves to celebrate a job well done this year it’s Bedroom Suck. They’ve put out some of our fave stuff of 2016 from Lower Plenty, Dag and Scott and Charlene’s Wedding. Also every day I wake up and high five myself because it’s another day closer to the Dag album coming out in Feb next year on BSR. YES! SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR!

These generous angels also know how to put on one hell of a show, and on Saturday December 3rd at The Curtain they’re doing it one last time for the year, with a lineup that seems designed to make me and anyone else living outside Melbourne fucken weep into our Baileys. Sarah Mary Chadwick (Album. Of. THE YEAR.), Hobart wonders, the intense, frantic Treehouse, Adam Curley (Gold Class), Terrible Truths, No Local and Summer Flake and Dag (full on sobbing now), will all be there, some playing their songs some CAROLING. Like in the movies. And you probably won’t even have to put up with anyone asking where that one dude you brought home for Christmas three years ago is. HE’S GETTING MARRIED, GRANDAD.

To get into the spirit we asked a few of the acts playing to tell us some of their fave Christmas songs. Also a little treat at the end from us to you, because I know sometimes it’s hard to show it, because this is a blog and not a person, but we’re so proud of you for making it through another year on this rusty bus to hell we call a planet.

Dan Oke (Jarrow)

Wham – ‘Last Christmas’

I always hear this song on the radio around Christmas time, but I never actually listened to the lyrics until the other day. George Michael, are you ok? Do you need a hug? You don’t need to think about them anymore, just try and enjoy Christmas you’ll do just fine my man.


Adam Curley (Gold Class)

Darlene Love – ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’

Phil Spector’s approach to pop music seems perfectly suited to Christmas: filled with bells and chimes to mask the inherent loneliness. Maybe ‘mask’ isn’t the right word, because the bells and chimes have their place. This year I’m having an orphan’s Christmas and I’m sure there will be some dancing and crying and generally feeling verklempt to Darlene Love.


Joe Alexander (Terrible Truths, Bedroom Suck)

Bootsy Collins feat. Snoop Dogg – ‘Happy Holidaze’

Very fitting – we are in Matsumoto in Japan, and the first snow of the year has fallen! We are sitting around the table inside, drinking coffee and watching the streets become white outside our window.

Good picks from these boys but this is all moot because I assume they haven’t seen this video of Kate Bush performing ‘Christmas Will Be Magic Again’ with the exact choreographed dance of joy I do when that pav gets put down on the table.

Kate Bush – December Will Be Magic Again (bongo version) from December Willbe on Vimeo.

More info on the event here. Bedroom Suck are also doing a big vinyl sale on their website now – you’d be a fool not to buy they out of Lower Plenty records IMMEDIATELY.

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WATCH: Terrible Truths – ‘Uptight’

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terrible truths

Terrible Truths have been kicking about on the well-deserved wave of eyes and ears since they put out their self-titled debut LP late last year. Laurels most definitely have not been rested on though, as they have this cool new video clip for one of the bouncier tunes off of their past album, ‘Uptight’. In it, disembodied hands get all touchy feely with a bunch of random stuff and it makes me want to walk barefoot around on different surfaces just to see what it feels like.

Terrible Truths play the Shadow Electric on 24 June as part of Bedroom Suck’s ‘Label of Love’ showcase.

totally terrible

Facebook / Bandcamp

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LOOK: Totally Mild – Europe Tour

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Totally Mild recently returned from a two month jaunt touring around Europe with Terrible Truths. Here’s some snaps the band took on tour – playing in-stores in Paris, filming video clips in German gyms and chowing down on vending machine burgers.

Totally Mild have been nominated for three Age Music Victoria awards in the ‘Best Album’, ‘Best Emerging Artist’ and ‘Best Band’ categories. Voting is open to the public until November 6th, so swing some kudos to your favourite local acts here

totallymild-1 totallymild-5 totallymild-4 totallymild-3 totallymild-2 totally20



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LOOK: Geoffrey O’Connor – ‘Her Name on Every Tongue’ single launch

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A few weeks ago Melbourne venue the Tote played host to the launch of Geoffrey O’Connor’s ‘Her Name on Every Tongue’. The track is the second single from his sophomore solo album, Fan Fiction – ‘eleven adult contemporary disco hits’, out now on digital, CD and ‘deluxe gold vinyl’ via Chapter Music.

Supporting him were White Hex, a handsome duo whose latest album Gold Nights melds Italo-disco with proto-punk; Terrible Truths, a Melbourne-via-Adelaide post-punk three-piece, who will release an album via Bedroom Suck later this year; and newcomers Gold Class, doing their finest Ian Curtis impersonations.

Terrible Truths’ own Stacey Wilson (Rites Wild, Regional Curse), who also heads underground label Heavy Lows, took some photos for us on 35mm film. Check out Terrible Truths’ new single below, and eyeball more of Stacey’s work on her website.



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Blurst of Times Festival

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So Blurst of Times Fest is happening this Sunday in Brisbane. There’s always a pal in every group who pulls out a stale Simpsons reference at a given time, but used in this context, against this ridiculous line up – Blurst of Times will get very, very loose.

The guys from Bedroom Suck, Fans Group and Hairy Mexican have pulled together their collective forces to bring a </DREAM> lineup that includes:


Some of Oz’s best acts will hit the stage this Sunday the 31st of March across Alhambra Lounge, Black Bear Lodge and Coniston Lane (formerly Woodland). There are a handful of tickets left available HERE. If you’re not occupied with consuming chocolate or shackled to any other pious duties on Easter, get yr tune on. Blurst Fest will get very, very loose.


Facebook / Buy Tickets


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LISTEN: Terrible Truths – ‘Don Juan’

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Oh Don Juan. Geez I love this track. Terrible Truths have a sweet new 7″ release out through Mexican Summer. It features the new cut ‘Don Juan’ and a track I posted previously ‘Lift Weights’. I’m pretty into this sound right now. I previously made a comparison to Grass Widow but I now feel this band together with other Melbourne/Adelaide post-punk outfits, Bad Dreems, Velcro, Tiny Spiders etc. are fast becoming the reference point that bands like Grass Widow will be referred to. So what I’m saying is; Australian bands are killing the indie-pop rock sound around the world. Catch Terrible Truths this weekend in Brisbane at this ridiculously good gig:

Bridge Club, Saturday August 25 with New War (Melb), The Garbage & the Flowers (Syd/NZ), Rat King (Newcastle) & Cannon

Pick up the 7″ on their BandCamp here – http://terribletruths.bandcamp.com/album/lift-weights-7-2012-mexican-summer

Listen to

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Regional Curse – ‘Miracle Cure’

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Listen to

Regional Curse – ‘Miracle Cure’ (mp3)

Regional Curse is the solo project of Stacey Wilson who plays in Terrible Truths. From her press: Beginning in late 2008 as an instrumental noise project, a series of self-released cassette tapes have seen Wilson experimenting with the Regional Curse sound utilising home-made electronic drums and a malfunctioning looper pedal. Sounds pretty interesting hey. ‘Miracle Cure’ is taken from the ‘Natural Living’ release which is her third album and was created in her home in the autumn of 2012. Originally from Adelaide, Stacey now resides in Melbourne. ‘Natural Living’ is a unique post for who the hell but I was captivated by the understated electronic synth and spacious drum work. Regional Curse is released on Wood & Wire which is a project from New Weird Australia – an initiative designed to promote and support new eclectic and experimental Australian music. You can make artist submissions here – info@woodandwire.com.au.

Pick up releases from Regional Curse here – http://regionalcurse.bandcamp.com/

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