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Apple a day keeps the doctor away, amirite? Nah, mate. Indie rock. Indie rock keeps the doctor away. Get those limbs flailing, practise your air guitar, smile a bit – all facets of the indie rock listening experience. The world can throw all the sickness and disease your way, it doesn’t matter, FLOWERTRUCK will keep your heart pumping at a health-sustaining 60-100 bpm.

Three singles in, and the Sydney foursome sound brighter and catchier than ever. ‘Sunshower’ delivers broad strokes of shimmering guitar, inflected with 80’s Australiana – the Go-Betweens, the Triffids, Even As We Speak. It’s engineered to blossom in your skull, smear a grin on your dome and get you dancing. You put on the shoes, lay down the cardboard, and start strutting your stuff like it’s 1989 and Paul’s Boutique just came out.

If you’re having trouble with the exact particulars of how to get down to ‘Sunshower’, let their video show you how. Grab some round fruits (preferably apples) and try to stack them. When failure inevitably comes calling, throw the table in the air (scene not shown) and dance like a lunatic on a windy cliff in front of some plastic. Oddly specific, but hey, that’s what the kids are doing it these days. Get with the times!

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PREMIERE: Cool Sounds – ‘Control’

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cool sounds

Cool Sounds are slowly and surely becoming a professional band. They were always good, but now they have a real, bonafide music video to prove it. (Not strictly their first vid, but Dainis’ moustache is extra commanding – ed.) Listen up, Universal Music, Sony Records, Warner…the bidding war will start at approximately 6.30 pm (1830 hours) at The Workers Club, TOMORROW NIGHT. Don’t be late, or face the eternal regret of missing the chance to sign a band that “connects with the youth”.

Since starting out a few years ago, Cool Sounds have put out two albums, toured the globe, and released music on both Whalesmouth and Beko Disques, two labels that can do no wrong. From the outset that might seem impressive, but from the perspective of the incestuous Ocean Party enclave that Cool Sounds come from, it’s all fairly par for the course. Seriously, anyone remotely linked to that sprawl of musicians seems to be in about seven different bands who are all touring and releasing stuff constantly. It’s an exhausting thing to admire.

But back to Cool Sounds – they’ve evolved again from their January offering Healing Crystals. Their new track, ‘Control’, shows the band stretching the wide-eyed, hopeful guitar pop of previous records. ‘Control’ wrestles with conflicting desires, the protagonist divulging his inability to stay in an intimate relationship. It’s definitely the most morbid thing to come from the Cool Sounds camp so far.

For the clip, directed by Rex Kane-Hart, the smooth sax and jangly guitars are juxtaposed with paranoid, gritted grins and a peeping Tom’s view of a murderous relationship. Flicking between partners and band members, there’s a constant twinge of unease, despite the overriding calm of Cool Sounds’ music. That’s what literary types call ‘CONTRAST’.

V. meta, Cool Sounds, v. meta.

Catch Cool Sounds on tour with the Ocean Party in October:

8 October – The Phoenix, Canberra
9 October – Vic on the Park, Sydney
17 October – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
30 October – The Eastern, Ballarat
31 October – The Metro, Adelaide

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WATCH: Wireheads – ‘Boys Home’

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Adelaide’s Wireheads have had a criminally underrated run – “criminal” in the sense of a Manson murder spree, and “underrated” in the sense of Vegemite, honey and avocado on toast (try it). It’s as though the lazy pop of Galaxie 500 was transmuted into a dusty, beer-swilling six piece who prefer to coat their songs in fuzz. The end result is something that sits well alongside Aussie contemporaries Bitch Prefect and Beef Jerk, or perhaps a more chaotic version of the Stevens or Full Ugly.

On the second single from their upcoming second album, Big Issues, Wireheads have released the stream-of-consciousness yelper ‘Boys Home’. Wireheads deliver a strident, snarling three minutes, saddling whimsical pop (lots of “oo-oo’s”) with shuffling drum thwacks and a runaway guitar solo that wouldn’t sound out of place on a howling 80’s cock-rock soundtrack.

Now that they’re signed to the major label [sic] Tenth Court (Thigh Master / Sewers / Mope City), Wireheads have released a compulsory video clip. Therein, the Adelaidians queue up visions of greyscale Australiana and live footage, complementing their babbling homage to youthful defiance via kicking the footy and wringing the neck of a beaten up guitar. It’s good stuff all round, and sets the expectations high for the forthcoming record.

Big Issues comes out August 7th via Tenth Court. Pre-order here.

Upcoming shows:

21st August – The Union Hotel, Sydney w/ Day Ravies, Thigh Master, Weak Boys (FREE)

23st August – The Haunt, Brisbane w/ Old Mate (LP Launch), Bent, Sydney 2000

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LISTEN: Beko Disques – ‘Oz Do it Better – Volume 2’ Compilation

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There’s an innate irony in admiring a French label that’s put together a mixtape of some of the best Australian bands. Like, why is someone on the other side of the world doing this? Shouldn’t WE be doing this? Why aren’t WE doing this? Is this whiny tone harming your ability to focus?

French label Beko Disques have been massive supporters of all things Australian, releasing tapes and records from a variety of Australia’s finest unrewarded music makers, from Parading to Day Ravies, through to TEES and Cool Sounds. Although these bands might be cruelly underrated in their own nation, Beko have taken it upon themselves to sing their praises and publish their recordings from across the globe. Legends? Uh, yeah.

In what is now the second compilation of its nature, (the first can be found here) Beko Disques have brought together a smorgasbord of fine talents from all over this great continent. Moving from well-known Melbourne staples like Chook Race, through to exciting up and comers Hideous Towns, DEAFCULT and The S-Bends, the Oz Do It Better compilation is a thought out and concise encapsulation of a lot of the music that makes this fair country so great to live within.

Not only is this a great discovery tool to find your new favourite band amongst some more established names, but this foreign compilation serves as a reminder of how great we have it. Yes! We do music really well here. We’re awesome. Yes! WE ARE AWESOME.

Grab the compilation here.

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Hands down, the best part of my childhood involved stumbling upon a coin in the street. The glimmer of a $2 coin was like a lighthouse beacon shimmering across a windy storm for me. I was a sailor, barely surviving in the storm that was kindergarten and early bedtimes, and this coin was my safety, my portal to dry land and a cheeky can of Coke. Screw you 6pm bedtime, you will never take me alive.

Melbourne’s Shiny Coin remind me of those days – their gorgeous lo-fi tunes are the right mixture of slacker and power pop that throw back to both the happiness of stumbling across a rare coin, as well as the shock-effect that soft drinks have on a child, and which garage bands have on a man-child.

Two EPs in, and not a single track that these guys have written breaks the three minute barrier. Isn’t that such a beautiful sentiment? The track names are pretty fantastic as well – ‘Mr Tofu’, ‘My Friends’ and the sharp ‘C*nt’ are all fantastic jams that insist on being played as loud as possible.

For people that have been craving some of that Speedy Ortiz/Joanna Gruesome action in Aus, well, here’s your opportunity. Shiny Coin kick tremendous amounts of ass, and are an essential addition to any lover of fuzz pedal.

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LISTEN: Kitchen’s Floor – Resident Dregs EP

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Kitchen’s Floor are practically punk royalty; this is a group that has been around for absolutely forever. They formed in roughly 2007, released their first material in 2009, and for a while kept up a steady stream of records that satisfied many who found a certain solace in Matt Kennedy’s stories of irrevocable sadness and depressed observations of mundanity.

However, after a few years of hearing nothing from the Kitchen’s Floor camp, it seemed as though the band had run it’s course. Five years is a long time to maintain a band, and it’s not like Matt Kennedy wasn’t busy with other stuff: his long running radio program Underground Australiana on 4ZZZ, and label/distro Eternal Soundcheck, have done heaps in promoting incredible Australian music.


So it came as a pleasant surprise to see that Kitchen’s Floor were releasing new music. And on the new Sydney label Paradise Daily, who have put out excellent stuff from Orion, Seating Plan and Video Ezy. However, for those assuming the old Kitchen’s Floor whose sound defined ‘ramshackle’ – please leave those expectations at the door. This new tape is filth and scuzz incarnate. Whereas the seminal records of Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress and Look Forward to Nothing created sparse, barely audible landscapes of pain, ‘Resident Dregs’ unleashes that pent up frustration that admonishes the very thought of subtlety.

The A-side of this tape, ‘Resident Dregs’ and ‘Strength’ are clamouring snarls; full of resentment and bitterness. These two tracks are allegedly off an upcoming album, which points to something far more aggressive on the horizon for Kitchen’s Floor. The B-side is an eight minute instrumental #exclusive, picking up where the Bitter Defeat 7″ left off – incessant violins, lulled strokes of the guitar and Matt Kennedy’s strangely piercing sorrows.

Whatever Kitchen’s Floor have prepared, this little tape appears to be a necessary stopgap for any fan of punk music.



27th June – Crowbar, Brisbane (supporting Bad//Dreems, Mining Boom)

11th August – Shadow Electric Bandroom, Melbourne (Bedroom Suck Records Presents feat. Terrible Truths, The Ocean Party, Milk Teddy & more)


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LISTEN: Danyl Jesu/BARGE with an antenna on it – Split 12″

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danyl jesu barge

Look, it’s a well known fact that Brisbane has the best music scene in Australia. It’s tough to admit that being from Sydney, but hey, it’s true. And Melbourne, don’t even start it with your “musical capital of the world” shit. Congrats, you’ve got The Tote. But Brisbane has got Blank Realm. Checkmate, mate.

The latest in a series of excellent releases churned out of the hottest city in Oz, both in climate and greatness, is a split 12″ from criminally under-known noiseniks Danyl Jesu and BARGE with an antenna on it, an album that’ll climb right into the beds of fans of Zeahorse, Heads of Charm and Batpiss. Released on Sonic Masala Records – one of the greatest blogs that mankind has had the pleasure to embrace, and a damn fine label to boot. Their track record is impeccable, having churned out the goods from Gazar Strips, Dollar Bar, Roku Music and Tape/Off, to name but a few.

The latest release that Sonic Masala have prided us with is a doozy. Both bands approach music in much the same way – delirious, rabid and venomous. However, Danyl Jesu take time with their compositions, harnessing dizzying layers of fuzz to create a tower of carnivorous, shredding power that topples the listener over. Meanwhile, BARGE prefer to lock into mayhem mode as quickly as possible, creating their cacophony with dehydrated patterns of noise that stay consistently unruly. The total result is an LP every bit as sticky and gorgeous as the city that spawned it.

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